This is how much coffee the 'Friends' drank

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Friends was a staple of the late 90s and early noughties. Millions of viewers tuned into the show each week to watch the six friends from New York struggle through their twenties.

While friendship and the City are staples of the show, one thing it really centres round is coffee.

Monica, Joey and Rachel work as waiters in the show, and the gang spent most of their time in Central Perk.

But how much coffee do they actually consume?

Twitter user, @kitlovelace, did the maths, and they sure do drink a lot of coffee.

Phoebe is the biggest coffee drinker, having 227 cups of joe across the 236 episodes, and Rachel drinks the least (138) despite her job serving coffee in the early series.

Chandler is the second biggest coffee drinker (212 cups), then Monica (198), Joey, (191), and Ross (188).

Interestingly, the Friends drank the most coffee in seasons four- six.

Using "The One With Five Steaks And An Eggplant" episode, where a coffee and a scone comes to $4.15, Kit assumes that the price o a coffee is around $1.50, and then calculated how much they each spent.

Between them, the Friends spent over $2000 on coffee, an average of $208 a series.

Speaking to HuffPost, Lovelace said:

It came about after I read a piece I read on the Scientific American blog an assumption about how much coffee each character drank each episode.

I was a little disappointed to see that no one had actually tried to figure out the real numbers, given that the source material was out there.

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