Someone updated Agatha Christie's Wikipedia page to recognise Coleen Rooney's detective skills


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Coleen Rooney vs Rebecca Vardy is already one of the most iconic feuds of all time.

If you’re reading this in confusion, here’s a refresher.

Coleen Rooney posted a lengthy statement to Twitter, explaining that various stories from her private Instagram account have made their way into the hands of tabloid publication The Sun.

Rooney explained that following a hunch, she blocked everyone but one account from following her stories and planted various fake stories on her Instagram account. Sure enough, these made up stories were published in The Sun.

In sensational style, Rooney revealed who the account belongs to.

Vardy soon fired back, saying that multiple people have had access to her account and insisting that she has never sold a story to The Sun about Coleen. According to news reports, she has now instructed her lawyers to investigate how this leak can have happened.

Following the news, someone has made a hilarious edit to the Wikipedia bio of crime author Agatha Christie.

Someone also took the time to edit Rooney’s bio too.

Stay tuned for the next adventures of WAGatha Christie...

H/T: The Poke

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