A comparison of the gender balance in the Labour and Conservative cabinets

Much has been made of Labour's new shadow cabinet since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader on Saturday afternoon.

With a number of senior Labour figures - including the likes of Liz Kendall, Chuka Umunna and Tristram Hunt - signalling over the weekend that they would not serve in his shadow cabinet, Corbyn's options were narrowed.

Nevertheless, he still came in for considerable criticism in the media and among his own MPs on Monday morning for handing the three most senior jobs - the so-called "great offices of state" - to men.

The Conservatives however, who spent their time painting Corbyn as a national security threat, were conspicuously quiet on the issue.

Following Corbyn's announcement of a "unifying and dynamic" shadow cabinet with more women than men, here are the comparative gender balances of the Labour and Conservative cabinets (includes all those who attend cabinet - even if not cabinet ministers per se).

Labour's new shadow cabinet, which was announced on Monday afternoon, has 16 women and 15 men. The Conservative cabinet has 20 men and 10 women.

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