Conservative MP tweets he is 'working hard' so the internet turned him into a meme

Andrew Bridgen/ Twitter

If you thought you were having a bad day, spare a thought for Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, or not, depending on your political alignment.

The Tory MP for North West Leicestershire tweeted this on Tuesday morning.

Now, it would be a bit rich if I was to start criticising someone for their work ethic - but there is something about this picture which just isn't that convincing.

Perhaps it's the lack of enthusiasm on his face? Doesn't look that happy, does he?

Also, what's going on with that poster and why does it appear to be propped up on a set of drawers?

As Twitter loves nothing more than roasting a politician these days, Bridgen tweet went down a storm.

The 'Freedom is in peril' poster proved to be very popular for those with photoshop skills.

Others were concerned about his posture.

Is it just me or does the tweet remind you of this video?

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