Brexit is happening in two days time. Yes, after three years the UK is leaving the European Union (kinda) and the only thing we've got to show for it is a tea towel.

Yes, a tea towel.

On Tuesday evening, the Conservatives, who by now are definitely trolling us, shared a link to their shop where they are now flogging a tea towel featuring Boris Johnson and the slogan 'Got Brexit Done', despite the fact that they haven't actually... got Brexit done.

The towel, which staggeringly costs £12 is being marketed as being 'PROUDLY made in the UK' and a way of showcasing your British pride. The description reads.

Show your pride in Britain and celebrate Brexit in your kitchen with this limited edition item. Buy one today, for yourself or as a gift.

We honestly can't imagine who would actually spend £12 on this but we dare say that there are.

Regardless, the mere existence of this tea towel has left people dumbstruck.

At the end of the day, it's just a towel but maybe it can be used to mop up all the spilt pints at Wetherspoon's Brexit day discount party?

If you are interested in any other pieces of Brexit merchandise you can also pick up a mug, a magnet and a badge, all of which have gone down about as well as you'd expect.

HT The Poke

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