Was Corbyn or Brexit to blame for Labour's crushing defeat? Here's what we know

Louis Staples
Saturday 14 December 2019 09:15

The general election has been a bitter pill to swallow for Labour supporters.

But now the shock of the crushing defeat – which put Boris Johnson in Downing Street for five more years – is starting to wear off.

Inevitably, there’s lots of discussion online about what went wrong.

Corbyn’s supporters think Brexit was the biggest issue, with many pointing to his good result in 2017 as evidence that this wasn’t about him.

But data revealed by Opinium says that, among people who didn’t vote for Labour, Corbyn was by far the biggest concern.

This corroborates Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray’s brutal diagnosis…

Whatever went wrong for Labour, its supporters will be hoping that the party sorts itself out fast. Corbyn has said he'll step down in the New Year to make way for someone new.

So that's a start.

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