Show this chart to anyone who says Labour's election defeat 'wasn't about Corbyn'

Louis Staples
Friday 13 December 2019 16:15

Like a trip to the dentist that knew was going to hurt, the 2019 general election is finally over.

For the Labour Party, a devastating result is leaving them facing tough questions. After a "period of reflection", Jeremy Corbyn has announced intentions to resign in the new year.

But is that the right course of action?

In the coming days, weeks and months, there's going to be a lot of debate about why Labour performed so badly. How did the "red wall" in the north of England crumble? Was it Brexit, or a problem with Corbyn?

Corbyn's critics have been quick to put the blame him for the crushing defeat, which has prompted his allies to suggest it was more an issue with Brexit.

But this chart suggests that Corbyn's critics are right.

According to newly released data from polling company Opinium, 43 per cent of people who didn't vote Labour said that the leadership was the primary reason. This is compared to just 17 per cent who cited Labour's Brexit stance and 12 per cent who suggested the party's economic policies put them off.

Corbyn was less of an issue for Labour voters who defected to the Lib Dems this time around, but more of an issue for those who went for the Conservatives.

So while there's clearly lots of soul searching to be done in the Labour Party, it'd seem that a new leader would be a good place to start.

H/T: Opinium

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