One of the more distressing and upsetting scenes of the past few weeks has been people needlessly panic buying essential items.

Food like pasta and rice has been ripped from the shelves, leaving almost nothing for anyone else and some supermarkets aisles are completely empty.

A curious and completely bewildering item that people have been obsessed with buying is toilet paper. It is honestly like goldust at the moment and is a further damning indictment of panic buying.

Either people are going to the toilet a lot more or they have all developed some serious bowel problems.

However, a shocking side effect of this has been some shops inflating their prices of toilet roll to eye-watering prices and way beyond their value.

As a counterpoint to both of these, a store in Sydney, Australia is making sure that no one buys more than one pack of toilet rolls unless they are ridiculously rich.

The Redfern Convenience Store, located in the heart of the city has applied a very simple message to the shelves that stock the loo roll.

For customers who want to buy one pack, it is the regular price of $3.50 but if you want to buy two it is going to cost you $99.00.

On Instagram, Hazem Sedda, who runs the store wrote:

For all our customers. We do have toilet paper. And we are doing our best to keep them in stock for you.

Please only buy what you need don’t buy to stock upΒ as a lot of people are desperate for one roll.

From the Greatest Redfern Convenience Store we wish all the best.Β 

The post and the initiative from the shop has been widely praised on Instagram and has resulted in the shop now having more than 18,000 followers on the platform.

In a further act of goodwill, the store has even offered to give free rolls of toilet paper to people who can't find any.

At the time of writing, Australia has confirmed 1,352 of coronavirus and seven deaths and a reported 92 people have recovered.

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