This woman called out an airline for not making people social distance and it backfired massively

It may sound wild, but despite a global pandemic there are some vestiges of normality left.

For example, travel is still happening, albeit at a reduced service.

People still need to get from A to B however, so buses, trains and planes are all still running.

Which is how Erin Strine, a passenger travelling on an American Airlines flight ended up videoing her shock at how packed her plane was.

Strine was booked onto American Airlines Flight 388, which travels from New York to Charlotte, North Carolina.

But when she boarded the plane, she was so troubled by the lack of social distancing that she filmed a video and uploaded it to Twitter.

Strine told NBC that she was so overwhelmed she began to cry.

They actually came over the speakers to say the flight was nearly full and that people would not be able to move seats to social distance.

I really felt like my life and the life of everyone around me was at risk.

I just sat there silently crying into my mask because I was really overwhelmed by how unsafe I felt.

American Airlines announced yesterday that it will begin distributing masks to all passengers from the beginning of May.

But while shining a light on a difficult situation, Strine’s tweet attracted a host of cruel comments, many from people questioning why she herself was flying.

She was called a "Karen" for complaining.

Others said they had “zero sympathy” for her.

When it became clear Strine was only responding to news outlets, some social media users even began mocking her.

But it seems Strine did have a perfectly valid reason to travel: her grandma had died and she was flying to be with her family.

And she had weighed up the risks – she was just shocked at how the reality didn’t match the precautions AA claimed it was taking.

"I recognize the risks that I was taking by agreeing to be on an airplane in the first place and while I wanted to believe all of the, you know, precautions would be taken that I had read on the airline's websites, you know, there are lots of, lots of asterisks there,” she told Good Morning America.

"I wanted to come home to be here for my, my parents and my dad especially you know it wasn't wasn't a decision I made lightly."

So it seems like it's a bit more complicated than most people think.

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