Images capture the faces of Italian nurses and doctors after long intensive care shifts

The world is struggling at the moment and no country more so than Italy, a place where the large elderly population means a catastrophic amount of fatalities as a result of the coronavirus.

There have been many viral videos to have come out in the wake of the devastation in Italy but perhaps one picture says more than any viral footage or lengthy analysis ever could.

Twitter account Travelito shared a picture of the heroic Italian nurses and doctors at the end of their shifts looking like soldiers on the frontline of a particularly egregious war. And, in a very real sense, that’s exactly what they are, seeing as thousands have died in Italy already.

It is impossible to put into words just how brave and heroic these hospital staff are all over the world, risking their lives for the wellbeing of the greater public.

Being able to stay at home is something many of us take for granted, but these are no longer ordinary times, and this option isn't available to everyone.

These people are true heroes

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