Trump's press secretary mocked for calling his response to coronavirus 'unprecedented'

Trump's press secretary mocked for calling his response to coronavirus 'unprecedented'

Donald Trump's White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, has been ridiculed on Twitter after she said that the president would 'continue to lead an unprecedented' response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to a comment by CNN anchor Don Lemon, who claimed that the network should stop airing the president's coronavirus task force press briefings, McEnany said that Trump will continue to do his job 'as news warrants.'

However, before that, she hailed Trump's response to Covid-19 as 'unprecedented' but didn't go into any detail beyond as to what she meant by 'unprecedented'.

McEnany was perhaps trying to stroke the president's ego but in a way, but it very much backfired. Yes, his response has been unprecedented... as more than one million people have been infected by the virus in the US since January, which has resulted in more than 50,000 deaths.

This is as well as record unemployment claims, with forecasts suggesting that the rate could go as high as 20 per cent, which would be its highest point since the Great Depression.

Indeed, Trump's solutions to the virus have included overexposure to UV light, injecting disinfectants, taking an unproven malaria drug and encouraging members of the public to take part in protests and potentially spread coronavirus.

As you can imagine, many on Twitter latched on to her poor choice of words.

McEnany is a former CNN contributor and was appointed as the press secretary in April 2020, replacing Stephanie Grisham in the role.

She had previously worked as Melania Trump's chief of staff and spokesperson and has a history of making alarming comments, including trying to control what people actually call Trump.

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