Kylie Jenner broke social distancing rules by hanging out with her friend and people are furious

Kylie Jenner has come under fire for appearing to break social distancing rules and hanging out with her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou.

The 22-year-old billionaire and reality TV star uploaded a series of videos to her Instagram story sunbathing, drinking smoothies, playing basketball and creating TikTok videos with her bestie.

This is despite the state of California enforcing social distancing measures since 19 March.

The measures require people to only leave their homes for ‘essential activities’, including grocery shopping, caring for friends or family or essential work.

Looks like sitting together and 'cheers-ing' a drink with a friend while sunbathing doesn’t seem to be on that list.

People were furious the pair didn't seem to be following the Californian social distancing measures:

If people don’t follow social distancing measures, the California Health and Safety Code 120295 states:

Violation of or failure to comply with this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.

Kylie’s latest actions seem like they contradict her own previous advice, where she told her followers via her Instagram story:

It's so important right now to practice social distancing, practice self-quarantine. The coronavirus is a real thing.

Please stay inside you guys — practice social distancing. If you live with your parents, you don't want to go home and get them sick. You might have it and not even know, and be infecting other people.

Thousands of people flocked to beaches across California over the weekend to enjoy the warm, sunny weather.

Governor Gavin Newsom then put the beach goers on blast for not taking coronavirus seriously enough:

This virus doesn’t take the weekends off, this virus doesn’t go home because it’s a beautiful sunny day around our coasts. The reality is we are just a few weeks away, not months away, from making measurable and meaningful changes to our stay-at-home order.

You got that, Kylie?

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