This man wore a T-Rex costume to leave his house during lockdown in Spain

This man wore a T-Rex costume to leave his house during lockdown in Spain

Even in a state of lockdown, people are finding (very unorthodox) ways to leave their houses...

A video posted by the police force of Murcia, a region in Spain, showed a person in a massive, inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costume walking out of their house.

Since last Friday, Spain has been on coronavirus lockdown.

The tweet accompanying the video reminded people that while pets are allowed to leave the house for short walks, accompanied by a person, dinosaurs aren’t included in this category.

In the video posted (set to music from the Jurassic Park soundtrack), a police officer is seen interacting with the person in the costume on the sidewalk. After a brief conversation, the person in the costume walks away. From a longer clip of the video posted by another person, it seems that the person in the video had taken out their rubbish – dressed in the costume.

Another social media user posted a video in reply to the original video, showing a person in the T-Rex costume wandering up and down the street that they were filming from.

Other users pointed out that it might not even be the same T-Rex costume, because the streets that this T-Rex was walking on looked different. A mystery!

Around the world, people are coming up with creative ways to handle being on lockdown.

In Italy, people are playing sports from their balconies, and in Spain, a fitness instructor led a class from the centre of an apartment complex.

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