NHS worker brands panic buyers ‘selfish’ for refusing to let overworked staff in supermarket first

The events of the last few years have had some of us suspecting that many members of the great British public have a little trouble thinking of others.

... And the events of recent weeks have proved that beyond reasonable doubt.

On the weekend we saw awful images of large social gatherings despite the risk to the elderly and vulnerable. On the previous friday evening, as it was announced that pubs should close, we also saw some people going for one last big night out at the pub, despite advice not to.

Now things have reached a new low after an NHS worker has posted an utterly demoralising video online depicting a depressing scene in London.

In the video, the poster explains that some in the line for Tesco were even "pretending to be NHS workers", while nobody was willing to let the actual NHS heroes through. Then Tesco became unwilling to let anybody into the building until the confusion was sorted out. The NHS worker had arrived an hour early to buy toilet paper, but was sadly held up by these selfish individuals.

It's not all bad, however. Here were the scenes in another Tesco.

It shouldn't be too much to ask for those who are on the front lines of the epidemic to get to buy food first. But apparently some people seem to have lost their decency.

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