The Republican speaker of the House for Wisconsin, Robin Vos, has been mocked on social media after he told the public that it was 'incredibly safe to go outside' while wearing full protective gear.

Vos was speaking before the state's Democratic primary elections, which were still held on Tuesday, despite lockdown measures and concerns about voters becoming infected with coronavirus.

Voters were reportedly angry at having to wait in line to vote, with images of some lines, clearly ignoring social distancing advice, while some states had already postponed their elections until a later date.

However, Vos was adamant that it was safe for people to go outside and that they couldn't guarantee if things were going to be any safer a few months down the line.

Speaking from a polling station in Burlington he told The Journal Times in Racine County:

It is no guarantee that in May or June we’re gonna be safer. We could be dealing with this in August or November.

 Actually, there is less exposure here than you would get if you went to the grocery store or if you went to Walmart or did any of the things we have to do to live in the state of Wisconsin.

However, Vos's attempts to reassure people didn't have their desired effect as he was wearing a full gown, mask and gloves to protect him from coronavirus.

At the time of writing, Wisconsin has confirmed 2,578 cases of Covid-19 that have resulted in 92 deaths.

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