Video emerges of people ignoring social distancing in shocking supermarket rush

Video emerges of people ignoring social distancing in shocking supermarket rush

This is NOT what social distancing looks like.

This shocking video of shoppers gathered in a mass crowd outside a Tesco Extra store in St Stephen’s, Hull, has been shared over forty thousand times on Twitter, with thousands of comments expressing anger at the shoppers.

Many have criticised Boris Johnson for not for being strict enough in enforcing social distancing measures, and this video proves that there are still people who are not staying the NHS guidance requesting people stay two meters apart.

The poster of the video – Tom – points out that, it would take just one person in the crowd to have coronavirus to potentially infect tens of people.

The crowd becomes even closer as shoppers enter the entrance of the store.

Now they’ve all stopped to get their baskets haven’t they?

Says one individual in the background of the video.

Yep, d***heads.

Some Twitter users highlighted that one person in the crowd seemed to sneeze, which could undoubtedly put those within two metres of him at risk of catching COVID19.

Others expressed anger that NHS workers were not given priority in supermarkets, as being forced to shop in crowds such as this puts not only them, but their patients at risk.

Tesco had announced that from 22 March 22 and every following Sunday, all Tesco stores (except Express stores) would offer a priority browsing hour from 10am before checkouts open for NHS workers.

In response to the huge crowds that gathered on Sunday morning at Tesco Extra St Stephen’s in Hull, Tesco have promised to put barriers in place as well as leave trolleys outside the store, in a bid to enforce social distancing, as reported by Hull Live.

As people continue to ignore the life-saving guidelines, hopefully businesses can enforce safety measures where the government has failed to.

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