This man tried to report a mosque to the police for being open during lockdown but it went very wrong

Even in a pandemic, some people will stop at nothing to try a spread bigotry and shame others only to have it come back and slap them in the face.

With lockdown measures currently in place across the country, everything that is not classified as 'essential' has been forced to temporarily close until the spread of the virus subsides.

This includes all places of worship, from faiths across the entire religious spectrum. Nothing should be open but that isn't what one man from Shrewsbury thought.

On 26 March, a Twitter user claimed to have spoken to his mosque in Shrewsbury who told him that they were still open, despite the lockdown rues. He then tagged Shropshire police and demanded that the mosque be closed as they could become "super spreaders."

However, he clearly hadn't contacted the Shrewsbury mosque, because it doesn't exist.

In their reply, Shropshire police told him that there is only a Muslim prayer centre in the town and they have been abiding by the lockdown rules since they were imposed earlier this month.

Indeed the Shrewsbury Muslim Centre confirmed on the website on March 19 that they would cease holding Friday prayers until further notice.

The Shropshire police's response to the false accusation soon became something of a viral hit and people applauded them for such a pointed response.

The UK government has imposed lockdown measures for at least two weeks to try and stop the spread of Covid-19 but could be extended upon review.

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