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On New Year’s Day 2016, this married couple set themselves a resolution.

Lexi and Danny Reed of Terre Haute, Indiana swore that 2016 was the year that they were definitely going to lose weight. And their level of success is incredible.

At the time, Lexi weighed 485 pounds (around 34 stone) and, Danny weighed 281 pounds (around 20 stone). They say they would eat out all the time, filling up on fast food, crisps and fizzy drinks. The even said they’d get as many as eight plates at their local Chinese buffet.

But in just one year, Danny lost 62 pounds (around 4 stone) and Lexi lost an incredible 236 pounds (around 16 stone!).

So how did they do it?

A friend challenged them to go one month without, drinking alcohol, going out to eat or having a cheat meal.

Eventually, the changes stuck, and they switched to a healthier diet, incorporating vegetables, lean protein, and healthy carbs.

Of course, they also started going to the gym. And instead of being overwhelmed by complicated exercise programmes, they just stuck to what they could do. Lexi says she concentrating on doing half an hour of cardio four times a week, and took it from there.

So what are Lexi and Danny’s top three tips for replicating their success?

1. Mark your workouts on your calendar, like an important meeting

Lexi was working 10 hours days, but was still able to get to the gym. She says it was all about acting professionally:

I just kind of try to set it up like a business meeting. I am my own boss and I can’t cancel

2. Get a gym buddy

The couple say that having each other to urge them on was vital. Danny says:

It’s awesome because we have each other

3. Know your motivation

Lexi says:

I just tried to remind myself the things I was doing it for and my goals

For the Reeds, it was all about securing a long and healthy life together, for both them and their future kids.

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