Heartbreaking video shows NHS staff admitting to ‘crying’ after caring for Covid patients

Heartbreaking video shows NHS staff admitting to ‘crying’ after caring for Covid patients

The UK is currently experiencing a major spike in coronavirus cases as a new variant that is more contagious is causing the NHS to once again become overwhelmed. 

Recorded cases of Covid-19 have now exceeded more than 2.7 million in the UK and daily cases are now topping 60,000. Around 1 in 50 people are also believed to have the virus right now according to Professor Chris Whitty

This stark rise is cases is why the UK has been placed into its third lockdown in less than 12 months, with stay-at-home warnings being issued again and schools now remaining closed until after the February half-term break at the latest. 

Meanwhile, NHS hospitals are once again struggling to deal with the number of new patients that are arriving with the illness, putting them under great amounts of stress.

A video made by BBC News shows just how difficult the current conditions are proving for the staff at St George’s Hospital in London. In the near three-minute report doctors and nurses express the emotions and admit to crying after they get home and struggling with sleep due to stress.

Another nurse says that she feels ‘demoralarised’ every time she sees videos of anti-Covid protests and people not taking the pandemic seriously. Another explains that how people even bending the rules a little can have knock-on effects on other patients how are expecting surgery on other diseases. 

The video which was shared on the BBC News Twitter account on Tuesday has already been viewed more than 1.3 million times and has seen an outpouring of support and solidarity for the health workers who are trying to offer the best care possible under such trying conditions.

As of Tuesday, 830 people died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19 and cases topped 60,000 for the first time since the pandemic began. On Wednesday, prime minister Boris Johnson admitted that the lockdown could last beyond mid-February.

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