Police left speechless by party-goers claiming to be ‘unaware of the global pandemic’

Joanna Taylor
Tuesday 19 January 2021 13:03
(Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

British party-goers stunned police by claiming to be “unaware of the global pandemic” going on.

Hampshire police were called to an address in Basingstoke earlier this month after receiving multiple reports that an illegal party was taking place inside. 

According to the Hampshire police’s verified Twitter account:

“The occupants were spoken to and claimed to be unaware of the global pandemic, as they never watch the news!"

They added the hashtag #ThereAreNoWords.

An investigation into the incident is underway.

First-time offenders who breach Covid-19 rules are typically fined £200. But being involved in holding a gathering of more than 30 people can result in a £10,000 fine.

Currently, people are being urged to remain in their local area to help limit the spread of the virus.

But police issued 63 fines to people who breached the rules last week.

These included three people who drove from London to Ramsgate to collect money owed to them and a group of people who rode scooters around a car park in Kent.

Police have also observed scores of people travelling from Dorset and Surrey to New Forest, which is also in Hampshire. In a Facebook post, Totton Police wrote:

“We have found that every single car park in the New Forest is ram packed with vehicles. When members of the public were asked where they have travelled from, some said that their home addresses are in places such as Guildford and Dorset.

Guildford is over 55 miles from the New Forest. This is not local. While we still await the government to define what “local” is, please use your common sense and stick to your town/city.”

Latest figures suggest that more than 37,000 are in hospital with Covid-19.

89,860 people are recorded to have died with the virus in the UK.