Look away anti-vaxxers: thousands queue to get Covid jab at pop-up clinics in major vaccine push

Look away anti-vaxxers: thousands queue to get Covid jab at pop-up clinics in major vaccine push

Anti-vaxxers across the country wasted another perfectly good Saturday yesterday, after they tried and failed to convince thousands of young people across the country purposefully queueing up to receive their coronavirus vaccine to walk away.

It’s almost as if over 18s, who have been waiting for months for their turn to be vaccinated, actually want to protect themselves and others from a deadly virus.

Who would’ve thunk it?

Definitely not Twickenham Stadium last month, which was swamped with people itching for a sharp scratch when they opened up vaccinations to over 18s to get rid of excess doses.

The huge turnout this week followed the announcement this week that all adults can now come forward for their vaccine, with the limit dropping to 23 and 24 year olds on Tuesday21 and 22 year olds on Wednesdayand over 18s on Friday.

On Sunday, the true extent of the willingness of young people to get jabbed was made clear. 721,469 appointments were made through the national booking service on the day the vaccine was rolled out to all adults.

The sum is part of the more than 2.5 million appointments booked in the four days since under 25s could get the jab.

We love to see it.

With an overwhelming demand for vaccines, sports grounds have turned into vaccination centres as the NHS says its staff are “pulling out the stops” to offer appointments and put needles into arms.

It isn’t just Twickenham which has had the vaccination centre makeover, as clinics have also been set up at the Olympic Stadium, Stamford Bridge, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Charlton Athletic FC.

COVID-19 vaccinations in LondonREUTERS

Speaking at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge yesterday, on what was dubbed ‘Super Saturday’, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, said: “Chelsea FC, West Ham at the London Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Charlton Athletic FC, are hosting large-scale pop-up clinics, and there are a huge number of events taking place in local community centres, so that as many people as possible get convenient access to the life-saving Covid jabs.“It is great news that more than eight million doses of the life-saving Covid-19 vaccine have been given to Londoners, and now all adults over the age of 18 are able to get the jab.”

All of this was in spite of anti-vaxxers such as Piers Corbyn (brother to former Labour leader, Jeremy) trying to convince them that what they were doing was apparently a bad idea. Metro UK reports that he was at West Ham stadium standing behind a banner littered with unfounded 5G conspiracy theories, while wearing a t-shirt which read “resist, defy, do not comply”.

Coronavirus - Sun Jun 20, 2021PA

The scenes were equally upsetting for one anti-vaxxer in Bristol, who stormed out of Eastville Park after Covid marshals warned that they would call the police if he didn’t leave.

“I want to call the police to have you lot arrested … You should all be arrested, because you’re performing these medical procedures and you’re breaking all ten protocols of the f**king Nuremberg code, which was set up after medical experiments were performed on people by the Nazis,” he shouted.

If you’re wondering what this latest gem of anti-vaxx nonsense refers to, then it’s the Nuremberg code of 1947, which concerns medical standards physicians must adhere to when carrying out “experiments on human subjects” – not vaccination programmes.

And even if you looked at the code itself, the first principle is that “the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”, and it’s highly likely that everyone in the queue the man was shouting at arrived at the vaccination centre of their own free will.

After venting for a little while, though, he walked away, in scenes which were met with applause by those waiting in the queue, according to The Bristol Post.

Keep making anti-vaxxers upset, Britain. You’re doing the lord’s work.

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