Piers Corbyn filmed participating in the most bizarre anti-lockdown protest yet

<p>Piers Corbyn</p>

Piers Corbyn

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Anti-lockdown zealot, former London mayoral candidate and general crank Piers Corbyn has started a protest on the London underground and it’s pretty lacklustre.

In footage captured by his cronies, Corbyn was filmed ripping off posters on the Tube that remind people to wear masks and maintain social distancing measures. He was, of course, not wearing a mask or social distancing.

Speaking to nobody in particular he said: “They didn’t keep their distance at the G7 did they? The whole thing is b*lls**t and lies.

“Boris lied to us, and we are taking these things down ourselves.”

Some of the posters seemed harder to take down than others and it appeared Corbyn didn’t have the requisite nail length to really get a good grip on them, but we love a trier.

Meanwhile, as he moved down the carriage glancing at people like a toddler trying to get attention mid-tantrum, people seems utterly unfazed in the face of yet another oddball on the underground.

Who is this jabroni anyway? Corbyn is the businessman brother of the former Labour leader, Jeremy, but he has made quite the name for himself all by himself due to his denial of climate change, anti-vaxxer credentials and for peddling the conspiracy theory that coronavirus doesn’t exist. He has been arrested for breaking lockdown and was last year criticised for attending an event addressed by Holocaust deniers.

In the mayoral election, he finished 11th with 20,604 votes, ranking below other odd candidates like Laurence Fox, Brian Rose and even Count Binface.

But, Corbyn keeps trucking along, bless him, and as the train rolled into Victoria, he announced “Well done. We’re getting off.”

Exiting the tube, he at least took the posters with him, which we assume he will recycle. Eco-friendly King.

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