CPAC cancels speaker for controversial comments despite event having an ‘anti-cancel culture’ theme

CPAC, the biggest conservative conference in the United States, has been forced into cancelling an appearance from a scheduled speaker, despite the theme of the event in 2021 being ‘America Uncancelled.’

Young Pharaoh, an online commentator who had been invited to speak at this week’s event. However, a swell of anti-Semitic statements from Young Pharaoh including telling his followers that Judaism is a “complete lie” and “made up for political gain” have since come to light.

Media Matters reports that Pharaoh had also attacked fellow Conservative Ben Shapiro for being Jewish and had promoted the widely debunked QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy. In addition, he had claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine would ‘alter your DNA.’

Pharaoh was due to speak in a session on Sunday called ‘Please Check the Number and Dial Again: Doubt, Dysfunction, and the Price of Missed Opportunities.’ However, on Monday the official CPAC Twitter account posted a tweet stating that they had learned someone who they had invited had ‘expressed reprehensible views’ and therefore will not be participating in the event.

This year’s CPAC is strongly pushing the theme of ‘America Uncancelled’ which would suggest that taking a stance against cancel culture will be a big topic this year. With this in mind, people were quick to ridicule CPAC for having to cancel a speaker before their event had even started.

This year’s CPAC is taking place in Orlando, Florida with other notable speakers including Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Mike Pompeo, Sarah Sanders, Jon Voight and Ted Cruz.

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