The crossover age where people are 'more likely to vote Tory' has been revealed


In the days since the election, we’ve all been confronted with lots of statistics, percentages and graphs about the election result.

Voters are being dissected by social class, age and location to work out what went right or wrong for the UK’s political parties.

One key figure, collated by YouGov and reported by The Times Red Box, has stood out.

In this election, the average age that someone is more likely to vote Tory fell by eight years.

Now it stands at just 39.

Responding to a tweet by editor Matt Chorley, a 38-year-old said that they’d voted Conservative for the first time.

'Millennial' technically encompasses anyone born between 1981 and 1996, so when the next election comes around older millennials could be the ones swinging the country to the right.

It's pretty shocking and no one really knows what to think.

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