‘Cursed’ picture goes back on sale after being returned twice by freaked out owners

‘Cursed’ picture goes back on sale after being returned twice by freaked out owners
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A “cursed” picture that has been returned by two previous owners has gone back up for sale and is racking up huge bids.

The portrait painting of a girl went viral online after it was revealed it had been bought and returned to the Hastings Advice Representation Centre (HARC) charity shop in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, by two different buyers who claimed it was haunted. The first buyer said it “ruined her life”.

On Twitter/X an image showed the portrait of the charity shop window, with notes around it suggesting it was “possibly cursed” and asking potential buyers if they were “brave enough” to purchase her.

Now, the infamous picture has been put up for sale on eBay where its paranormal reputation is attracting plenty of bidding action.

The bidding runs until Tuesday (12 September), but already a marker has been laid with a healthy £570 bid for the painting originally on sale for £20.

Zoe Elliott-Brown, the painting’s current owner, said the family dog began “instantly growling” at the painting and “wouldn't go anywhere near it”.

She also claimed her mum, Jayne, had some sudden health changes and started becoming obsessed with the picture.

Elliott-Brown said: “I've never seen my mum want something so much. She was fascinated by it, but not in a positive way. She was weirdly protective over it.

“She was continually staring at it. She was running her figures over its cheekbones, she polished it even though it didn't need polishing.

“Any mention of getting rid of it… she got really snappy. It's like some family heirloom she's become protective over. My mum was point blank refusing to get rid of the picture.

“I guess it is a bit like the power in Lord of the Rings. It's definitely really enchanting - it kind of draws you into it but then you don't really want to be near it at the same time. It is almost a bit like Gollum in Lord of the Rings.”

Elliott-Brown has now decided to sell the painting and noted in the description that 50 per cent of net profits from the sale of the painting will go back to the charity shops where it was purchased.

She also explained: “This picture, allegedly cursed, became world famous over the summer of 2023, featuring in news, radio, television and papers as far as Australia and New Zealand.

“It made the front cover of the Daily Star, and was opened live on ITV's This Morning. When opened the temperature in the studio dropped by 4 degrees instantly.”

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