This dad's response to his daughter asking for sanitary pads is everything

A father had the best dad joke ready when it came to his daughter’s request for sanitary pads from the store - and it has the internet obsessed.

Recently, a woman named Niamh, from Cardiff, asked her father if he could pick up some pads with wings before the shops close.

In response, her dad attached a photo of two different coloured brands of Always and wrote: “Blackcurrant or lime?”

The interaction, which has been liked more than 31,000 times, has prompted most people to praise the father for both his humour and willingness to pick up pads.

“Your dad is a legend,” one person wrote, while someone else said: “What a fab dad.”

However, others found the request odd - a reaction that Niamh was not here for.

In response to negative comments questioning the appropriateness of asking someone’s own closest relative to buy them period products, Niamh shut down the trolls.

She wrote: “For all the people getting wound up about asking my own DAD for pads. 1. He’s only ever lived with females, my sister, my mum, his sister, his mum. 2. I was in work until five, shops close at four on a SUNDAY, I don’t drive, neither does my mum.

“3. It’s 2019, not 1969.”

Niamh also questioned why would she not ask her father as he’s “not a freak who gets scared by natural things”.

Overall, it is okay to ask dads to buy period products - even if they do think they are fruit-flavoured.

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