These dads were super cool about the missile threat in Hawaii

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You might have noticed yesterday that there was a bit of a commotion in Hawaii.

On Saturday afternoon residents and visitors to Hawaii were sent an emergency alert notification warning them that a ballistic missile was inbound.

The message advised them to take shelter and that it was "not a drill".

Given the international concerns about the ongoing war of words between North Korea and Donald Trump over nuclear weapons, you could understand why there would be a bit of panic in the air.

Reports state that terrified crowds immediately began to flee for cover but it was soon confirmed that there was nothing to be worried about and that the message was a false alarm.

CNNreports that the message was sent out by an employee in the Hawaiian government who made the error during a routine shift swap over and simply pressed the wrong button.

With panic and fear in the air, it's understandable how you could get caught up in the hysteria even if the threat wasn't actually real.

One person who wasn't buying into the warning was the father of US Navy member Jason Anderson.

Jason's father was on his travels in Hawaii and when Jason checked in on him to see if he was OK his old man's response was the epitome of relaxed.

Can't say fairer than that.

If we were given the option of finding shelter or more food, we'd probably chose the latter as well.

The sentiment was similar with the father of Mike Convente who chose to just sit down and document everything that was going on with his camera.

(He also uses some pretty colourful language so be warned.)

Both stories have since gone viral on Twitter and people are loving the chillness of these two dads.

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