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On Tuesday the Daily Mail opted to do it's judge bashing in a double-page inside spread, and devoted its front page to a new fear.



The machines!


The paper referred to an interview by Channel 4 with governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, who warned about the threat to jobs posed by technology.

Carney stated that roughly 15 million jobs could be replaced by AI.

The clerical, administrative, and production industries were most likely to see machines replace humans.

At first glance it's unclear why the Daily Mail devoted its front page to this story, given they normally like to fear monger about how many immigrants they're counting that day, and not robots.

Rest assured, the paper also had a jibe at Carney, in the hope that more sophisticated readers will roll their eyes at the governor's warning.

The paper is not a fan of the Canadian, since the independent governor gave his recommendation about Brexit, and the Daily Mail didn't care for it.

So in actual fact, they were still going after immigrants.

Committed Mail readers can relax.

At least some things are still sacred in this world controlled by remainers.

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