Picture: Protesters outside the Brexit Supreme Court appeal
Picture: Protesters outside the Brexit Supreme Court appeal

The pro-Brexit press are still trying to paint the judiciary as the enemies of democracy.




Putting to one side the fact that democracies rely the rule of law to prevent tyranny, and the rule of law requires an independent judiciary, indy100 decided to play the tabloids at their own game.

By comparing the demographic make-up of the justices of the UK Supreme Court with Brexit voters and Remain voters, indy100 found things aren't always as Paul Dacre sees them.


This is how the three groups compare in seven charts, and there is evident overlap on both sides of the debate.

Use the tab to toggle between the seven charts:

Through careful scrutiny indy100 also found that over half of the Supreme Court attended Oxford University, none of them were black, compared to 27 per cent of Brexit voters.

According to YouGov, the supermarket customer base the highest Brexit contingency was Iceland was 65 per cent. We're unable to certify where the Lords and Lady of the Supreme Court do their shopping.

Although the same survey found Ocado had the highest Remain vote!

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