The RAF is trying to be more inclusive to trans personnel, and The Daily Mail can't handle it

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 01 March 2017 14:15
Picture:( Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

In an attempt to be more inclusive, the RAF has banned service women from wearing skirts on parade after an increase in trans recruits.

Women will be required to wear trousers on parades instead.

However, the Daily Mail points out three sentences into its story reporting the news that some people have called this political correctness gone “mad”.

Picture: Daily Mail(Daily Mail)

The Mail reports that one former commander told The Sun there are too many in the RAF with “too little to do”.

Journalist Andrew Pierce wrote in a comment piece for the Mail, calling this an “extraordinary turn”.

He argues that less than one per cent of the population feel they were assigned the wrong gender at birth, and because of this, the RAF are “pandering to a tiny, but vocal, minority" and “paying heed to the wrong people”.

Pierce asks how the trans lobby has become so influential, and writes:

The answer lies in the fact that in the past 20 years, gay people have become more mainstream, with civil partnerships and gay weddings widely accepted.

They’re such an inconvenience, those equal rights.

He writes:

Not everyone, though, was content to let gays like me — who came out in the Eighties and fought for equality — enjoy our new-found freedoms.

The extremists among us became bored by what had effectively become conventional mainstream lifestyles.

Rebels without a cause, they had to find a new one. And they did: gender politics.

But Pierce writes:

Frankly, until a couple of years ago I’d never even heard of someone being ‘gender fluid’.

Therefore it mustn’t exist, apparently.

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