The BBC’s decision to sack Danny Baker over a “racist” joke about the royal baby has divided the internet.

Baker, a radio presenter on BBC 5 Live, posted an old picture of a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee in clothing with the caption “Royal baby leaves hospital”.

Many people pointed out how the joke was offensive to Meghan Markle, whose mother is African-American, and played into centuries of racism comparing people of colour to monkeys.

After Danny Baker apologised for the tweet, claiming he did not mean to be racist, some people believed he had done enough.

While others argued ignorance was no excuse for the joke.

However, some people saw a different issue with his firing.

Baker’s sacking came on the same day that Nigel Farage returned to the BBC's Question Time for his 33rd appearance on the show.

That's the same Farage who unveiled an anti-immigration poster in 2016 that was called a “blatant attempt to incite racial hatred”.

Nigel Farage launches a new Ukip EU referendum poster campaign featuring migrants queuing to get into the EU under the slogan Breaking PointNigel Farage launches a Ukip EU referendum poster campaign featuring migrants queuing to get into the EU under the slogan Breaking Point

People were left wondering why it was okay for Farage to be on Question Time when Baker had just been sacked for offending people…

And some people suggested bias towards the royal family had played a part in Baker’s sacking.

Especially because Alan Sugar was let off for a very similar controversy last year involving Senegal’s football team.

This morning, Baker released a more detailed apology and said he had forgotten that the baby was mixed race when he shared the tweet.

Baker said:

In attempting to lampoon privilege & the news cycle I went to a file of goofy pictures & saw the chimp dressed as a Lord and thought, 'That's the one!'…

Minutes later I was alerted by followers that this royal baby was of course mixed race and waves of panic and revulsion washed over me. F***, what had I done?  I needed no lessons on the centuries slurs equating simians and people of colour. Racism at its basest.

He went on to say that the tweet was “a genuine, naive and catastrophic mistake” and added:

Anyway i am now paying the price for this crass & regrettable blunder and rightly so.

HT: The Poke

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