Upgrading to a new phone isn't that a big a deal for some people. After all, cloud technology can save all of the numbers and any precious photos or videos that you might have on the device.

That isn't always the case. A dad from North Carolina had refused to make the switch from an Android to an iPhone because he couldn't transfer a voicemail from his late mother onto the new phone.

Rather than have her dad stuck with an old phone for the rest of his life, Twitter user Melia, along with her sister, found a way to transfer the message to somewhere he could always listen to it and gave it to him as a Christmas present.

On Twitter, the Winston-Salem resident wrote:

My dad refuses to get an iPhone because a voicemail from his mom that passed away won’t transfer from an android, so me and my sister put it in a bear. Merry Christmas, dad.

In the short clip that she shared, her dad opens a box and pulls out the bear and initially looks happy to receive the cuddly toy.

They then tell him to press the bear's hand and when he hears the message he appears to be overcome with emotion.

The viral clip, which was shared on Christmas Day, has already been viewed more than five million times on Twitter and it caused people to have a lot of feels.

Many of the replies to the video were of similar stories from people who had resisted buying a new phone or getting rid of their old one because of a message from a loved one that was still on there.

A similar video of a mother receiving a teddy bear containing a message from her deceased son was shared by a Twitter user named Brittany - and it was equally heartbreaking to watch.

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