David Cameron has commented on Brexit Day but no one wants to hear it

David Cameron has commented on Brexit Day but no one wants to hear it
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Everyone’s favourite wrecker and former prime minister emerged from his garden shed today (or was it the house in France?) to give his thoughts on the day he inadvertently brought about, via a risky grab for power in 2016.

Four years ago, David Cameron attempted to shut down a rebellion via his party with the promise of a referendum on Europe. He gambled and he lost.

Despite promising to deliver the results, whatever happened, he then resigned the very next day.

Sure, this cost him in the sense he had to move all his chintzy furniture from Downing Street and immediate retirement from frontline politics but somehow, this doesn’t seem to have hurt Cameron’s profile – or his earnings – in the long run.

In fact, you could argue his current gig as a political commentator and author is all the fun of the fair, without any of the very real stress that comes from being actually being in politics.

And now Cameron’s been asked for his comments on Brexit Day (why?).

Of course, he’s happy to give them!

“It’s obviously a very big day for our country,” Cameron told Channel 5, displaying some of his famous insight that helped him unsuccessfully gamble his premiership on an European referendum.

“Obviously I led the campaign to stay in but I always accepted the referendum result and knew this day would come. 

“As I said at the time of the referendum, we’re one of the biggest economies in the world, we can make a success of the choice that we make and I’m sure that’s exactly what we will do. 

“I wish the government well in all their endeavours to make sure that happens,” he finished, before scarpering (it’s like 2016 all over again).

One question: why is this man’s opinion relevant?

David Cameron hasn’t been involved in frontline politics for four years. He bet his entire political career on winning a majority and lost.

Since retiring to his shed, he’s netted at least £15 million to write a memoir and thousands from gigs as a speaker.

This man is the architect of four years of chaos. Do we really need to keep hearing from him?

Perhaps we can ask others whose opinion holds equal weight. Like Mr Blobby.

Please Mr Cameron, Brexit Day is already strange enough without you chiming in too.

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