David Cameron is the second best Tory of the past century, apparently

Centre-right news website ConservativeHome has come up with some data analysis to keep your inner political nerd happy no matter your allegiances.

The new analysis ranks all 13 of the party's leaders who have run for office since 1906 according to five ratings, and scored out of 500:

  • How many seats they gained
  • Vote swing achieved
  • Amount of time spent as leader
  • Number of election victories
  • Number of elections as a proportion of elections contested

Which all means:

Current prime minister David Cameron, who swept back into Number 10 in May with 132 seats gained a 4.5 per cent vote swing, comes in at a respectable 2nd place.

Top of the list is Margaret Thatcher, politically divisive but undeniably successful with a score of 477 out of 500.

Winston Churchill, arguably the best loved Tory prime minister and one of the most enduring figures of British history, only comes in seventh when the leaders are evaluated on how well they did contesting elections.

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