David Cameron's hypocrisy on child refugees - in one tweet

David Cameron's hypocrisy on child refugees - in one tweet

On the death of Sir Nicholas Winton last year, David Cameron paid tribute to his work in rescuing 669 mostly Jewish children from Czechlovakia on the eve of WWII.

The world has lost a great man. We must never forget Sir Nicholas Winton's humanity in saving so many children from the Holocaust.

Fast-forward to 2016, and the government has just narrowly defeated an amendment to the Immigration Bill proposed by Labour's Lord Dubs - himself a child refugee in WWII - which would have seen the UK take in 3,000 unaccompanied and at risk children from the slum-like conditions of Europe's unofficial refugee camps.

The UK is actually receiving a smaller share of unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASCs) in the EU than it has at any time since 2008, despite the scale of the current refugee crisis.


We took in 36 per cent of the EU's UASCs in 2008 - and in 2015, just three per cent.

Last year Sweden alone took in over 35,000 lone children, and Germany 14,400.

Europol estimates 85,000 unaccompanied children, whom aid workers deem to be at the biggest risk of abuse and people trafficking, arrived in the EU last year. Official estimates put the number of refugee children who went missing in 2015 at around 10,000.


Last year the Commons voted to begin bombing Isis held territory in Syria as well as Iraq, a decision which costs £508,000 per bombing mission.

Western airstrikes have killed at least 1,000 Syrian civilians in the last quarter.

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