David Cameron says he likes watching Glastonbury in front of the fire. Umm, it's in June

David Cameron is not having a good week, mainly because details about his father's tax arrangements have emerged in the Panama Papers leak and because of Thursday's revelation that he intervened to protect offshore companies from proposed EU measures on tax avoidance in 2013.

But things have gone from bad to worse now thanks to another of Dave's infamous 'man of the people' moments.

Speaking to students at the University of Exeter, the prime minister said that he didn't like going to Glastonbury but rather watching it on TV, on the sofa, "in front of a warm fire":

...Which is granddaddy enough, we suppose - but unhappily for the PM, quite a few people have been pointing out that the music festival is in the summer.

To be fair to Cameron, mind, it's not like Glastonbury is often blessed with perfect June weather...

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