Picture: PA
Picture: PA

You know how everyone is generally in agreement that Jeremy Corbyn, in another life, would have made a very good sassy headmaster?

Whatever your politics, it's hard to disagree that the leader of the opposition's side-eye game is on point.

So you would have thought that the prime minister would know better when the pair walked into the House of Lords for the Queen's Speech on Monday.

It looks like things started off amicably enough.

Buuuut that clearly didn't last long.

It appears ol' Davey Cameron was trying to make chitchat of some kind. Which is fair enough.

But Corbs was having absolutely none of it.

Look at that body language: decisive stride; looking dead ahead. No time for Tory frivolities like conversation.

Was this straight talking, honest politics or an impression of Elsa from Frozen? We leave it to you, the people, to decide.

Picture: Reuters
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