Brexit: David Davis is being mocked for saying there could be some 'hiccups' if there is a no-deal

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Former Brexit secretary David Davis made an appearance on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme to discuss the UK's prospects in its first years outside the EU.

The Tory MP who quit the cabinet earlier this year in opposition to Theresa May's proposed Chequers plan declared that the British people had nothing to be "terrified" about once the UK leaves the European Union.

With talks of a no-deal Brexit increasing by the day, posing threats to the economy, medicine and food supplies, Davis was quick to brand these as "scare stories."

If the UK were to leave without a deal in place the only thing that Davis thought the public should be worried about is a few "hiccups." He said:

[If talks collapsed] we would leave and there would be some hiccups in the first year, no doubt.

If there is a hostile relationship there will undoubtedly be some frictions and bumps along the way in the first year.

We are a big country - we can look after ourselves and we will look after ourselves very well indeed once we are properly out of the European Union.

Once this quote from Davis started to do the rounds on social media, his fellow MPs couldn't help but admonish the 69-year-old.

Others criticised him for his relatively care-free statement.

This is even more remarkable considering that Davis was part of the negotiating team until very recently.

At this time it's worth reading how Davis thought the negotiations would play out even before the referendum took place.

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