A senator pictured with her eyes closed during the State of the Union address wasn't sleeping, she was 'trying not to scream'.

Senator Debbie Stabenow of the state of Michigan took to Twitter after journalist Edward Isaac Dovere, a staff writer at The Atlantic, shared a thread of photographs of Democrats' extremely unimpressed faces during Trump's State of the Union address.

In the tweet, he wrote:

Democrats watching Trump (a series)

In one of these tweets, a shot of Stabenow appeared to show her fast asleep.

But on Wednesday, she clarified the situation. Taking to Twitter, she wrote:

I wasn't sleeping. I was trying not to scream.

Wow, that pretty much sums it up. Many people took to Twitter to say they thoroughly empathised.

The Senator, who was elected to office in 2004, and is now serving her fourth term, also released an official response to Trump's State of the Union address, where she emphasised her interest in bipartisanship.

Issuing the official statement on her website, she wrote:

I am deeply concerned about the direction of our country reflected in the President’s address this evening

We need to come together and find bipartisan solutions on issues important to Michigan like fixing our nation’s infrastructure, lowering the cost of health care, and keeping jobs in the United States.

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