State of the Union: Nancy Pelosi clapping at Trump has become an instant meme

12 months ago Donald Trump went viral after applauding his own speech at the 2018 State of the Union address.

This year, it was Nancy Pelosi's turn. But it wasn't a simple 'well-done everyone' clap of the hands - it was another glorious chapter from the Nancy Pelosi 'Book of Shade'.

The Democrat House leader rose from her seat and applauded the president after he asked Americans to reject 'the politics of revenge and retribution' and embrace 'cooperation and the common good'.

However, the manner in which she did it, the expression on her face and how Trump turned to acknowledge her was almost too good to be true, and the internet couldn't get enough of it.

As the above tweet suggested, the memes and jokes came in thick and fast, and they were consistently funny.

Perhaps she was applauding things other than Trump?

People noticed that Pelosi's 'clap back' resembled a lot of other things.

One person who definitely wasn't clapping was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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