Delivery man caught on camera comparing hairless cat to his shaved balls in hilarious TikTok

A woman accidentally caught a delivery man brutally slagging off her beloved cat in a hilarious TikTok that has gone viral.

Melissa McCormick captured the exchange on her doorbell camera as two men dropped off a TV to her home.

As the pair arrived at her door, they spotted her grey Sphynx cat, Dublin – and appeared to take exception to the pet.

In the footage, one man can be seen pointing out the cat and simply says: “Yuck.”

After knocking on the door, one of the men says: “How do people hold those things, man?”

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He then continues: “It’s disgusting, bro,” before quipping: “They all look like my balls when I shave.”

The duo were presumably unaware that Melissa had a doorbell camera in place, and she only saw the conversation herself when she looked back on the recording.

Melissa shared the clip on TikTok with the caption: “When the delivery guy compares his shaved balls to our hairless cat.”

She added: “Now I know how people feel about our Sphynx cat,” with the hashtags #mycatisawesome and #yourballsarenotascute.”

The clip has been watched more than 40,000 times. You can watch it in full here.

Despite some saying the cat was “body shamed”, Melissa described the incident as “comical”.

“I definitely did not get offended,” she said.

The next day, she shared another video of the cat, who appears to have accidentally become a bit of a TikTok star following the incident.

“Here is our cat, Dublin. He is not a ballsack, or is he?” she wrote.

No, he’s definitely not. And we happen to think he’s rather cute, actually.

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