Devastating video shows man’s marriage proposal brutally rejected in front of a busy shopping mall

Clara Hill@clara_ish
Saturday 27 March 2021 11:04

Matt10 pranked his girlfriend by proposing to her in a shopping centre


A devastating video of a young man proposing to his girlfriend has gone viral on TikTok after she brutally rejected his hand in marriage in front of a busy shopping mall.

The video depicts a woman walking away from a man donning a bright green Ben 10 coat (yes, from the kids’ TV show), on one knee in the Menlo Park Mall food court in New Jersey.

The girl, who had reportedly been with the man for three years promptly rejects him and walks away much to the shock of all the onlookers.

The man, who Daily Dot reports is a YouTuber going by the name of Matt10, is visibly distraught at what happened to him is consoled by a few people who saw the incident.

The video, which was originally shared on TikTok, has garnered over 7.7 million views and has since been shared on Twitter.

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However, many were confused by his odd choice of clothing for the occasion.

“He even has that Ben 10 drip,” one viewer commented. On his feet, he had a pair of Black Air Force 1s, which upset some. “She was probably scared of his black Air-Forces,” another added.

The video was shared on Twitter, where it got attention from the New Jersey government account.

“I proposed to my girlfriend of three years and this is what happened.” read the caption from the original video.

It is unconfirmed if this was a detailed prank, but he definitely a real Ben 10 fan, however.

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