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The dentist is about as much fun as being locked in a room with wall-to-wall TVs playing 24-hour coverage of Donald Trump speaking at press conferences.

But one dentist has had a genius idea to make the time pass quicker for his patients.

Reddit user Michael Mannion posted a photo of his dentist’s genius idea on Reddit.

Here it is:

Picture: Picture: Reddit/ Michael Mannion

That’s right.

He's put Where’s Wally? on the ceiling.

Sadly, it seems from the comments that most people’s dentists don’t quite live up to the same standards:

Nice. My dentist only offered abstract water stains from his leaky roof.


I suggested having something to read in the ceiling to my dentist last week!

She looked to me as if I had said something stupid. 


My gynaecologist has a picture of George Clooney on the ceiling.


I know my dentist have Phillips lightbulbs and has had the same 6 dead flies trapped in the fixture since like 2011.

I always play the game, 'How many words can I make out of Phillips? Pill, lips, hill, sill, ....'.

That usually last about 2 minutes.


And then someone had this genius idea:

I always thought dentists should put sign language charts on their ceilings.


Doesn't quite live up to Where's Wally? though.

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