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A study has found that people who suffer from depression are more likely to contract cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The mental disorder isn't always easy to spot and can be far too easy to ignore.

Ground breaking research has now discovered that depression can be fatal for several reasons.

The landmark research, conducted by the University of Grenada has proven that depression not only effects the brain but the entire body.

The results which analysed 29 previous studies and found that depression severely altered the body's detoxifying functions.

This could lead to the onset of major diseases and even premature death.

3,961 people were involved in the research and the experts consistently found that depression was linked to the bodies oxidative stress levels.

Oxidative stress is the imbalance in the body which prevents it from flushing out toxic substances.

Antioxidant substances like uric acid, zinc and dismutase enzyme decreased under depression while there was an increase for oxidative stress parameters such as malondialdehyde.

However, as a result of the study the researchers now believe that depression and the problems that come with it can be treated in a traditional fashion.

Through regular therapy sessions or taking the appropriate medication the body can combat oxidative stress.

After treatment, previous sufferers have been found to return to full health, with malondialdehyde levels decreasing.

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