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MMA fighter and former Big Brother contestant Andrew Tate tweeted earlier this week that depression wasn't real.

He didn't back this up with any facts or reason. He simply said:

The thread discusses the concept that depression is entirely circumstantial, and even alleges that depressed people who are unhappy with their lives are simply "too lazy" to change them.

Trust me, it gets worse, he even says at one point that people with depression need it to "justify their own failures".

So far, so terrible.

And when Twitter gets terrible, you know it's only a matter of time before J.K. Rowling steps in and sorts it out.

The Harry Potter author, speaking frankly to her followers, commenting that the thread had absolutely nothing to do with "the real mental illness that is depression".

She then proceeded to support people who got in touch to talk about their own mental health.

It was really great.

In case J.K's excellent points and support haven't quite convinced you, and you still think the man who kicks people for a living has a point - NHS choices has lots of information on depression, anxiety and what causes them. You can read about them here.

Depression is real, and we must always rally around those who need our support - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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