Police seize black woman’s car, film her walking in the cold and 'make racist comments'

Gary Steele.Snapchat screengrab

A Detroit police officer has been reassigned as the police department investigate a video in which he taunts a black woman whose car was seized and calls it "celebrating black history month."

Officer Gary Steele pulled over a 23-year-old woman called Ariel Moore for having an expired registration. The police seized the car, and according to Detroit station WXYZ, Moore declined a lift home in the police car and walked home in the snowy weather instead.

The video, which department officials confirmed Steele posted on Tuesday, shows her walking away from the officers. One police officer can be heard calling it the “walk of shame” and repeatedly saying "priceless" and they added Snapchat stickers which read “what black girl magic looks like” and “celebrating black history month.”

The video ends with one of the police officers saying “Bye, Felicia.”

Moore and her mum Monique Mobley told WXYZ they were “shocked” by the video. Mobley said:

What they put on there, that’s racist. They’re demeaning my child for no reason.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said it was “racially insensitive.”

He added that it was “very cold [and] dark” and in his view, she was “in harm’s way.”

And using “Bye, Felicia” was “derogatory,” he added, and referencing Black History Month, “problematic.”

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