Muslim YouTuber Dina Tokio reads out 45 minutes of horrific abuse sent to her by trolls

Muslim YouTuber Dina Tokio reads out 45 minutes of horrific abuse sent to her by trolls

British Muslim YouTuber known as Dina Tokio took to social media to read out almost an hour’s worth of vile abuse sent to her after she announced she had decided to stop wearing her hijab ‘full-time'.

The author and fashion designer, real name Dina Torkia,who has more than a million followers, said she made a "personal decision to wear it when I want to".

After she made this very personal decision that has nothing to do with anyone aside from her, what followed was a barrage of misogynistic, sexist and otherwise horrible abuse.

In a video titled 'The Bad, The Worse And The Ugly', she decided to read out some of the most disgusting things people had sent to her.

In the 47-minute video, Torkia read out the messages in an uninterrupted stream of bullying.

Among the posts, there were people who called for her death, and for the death of her family and husband, while some unleashed a sleuth of expletive-ridden rants, rubbishing her character and questioning her parenting.

Many people questioned her faith, accusing her of "leaving Islam" and "not being a Muslim anymore". They questioned her mental health, calling her "sick" and "messed up".

They also made comments about her appearance, and said she was "ugly" and "gross" and looked like a "prostitute".

The messages were disgusting.

Torkia’s popularity came through videos she posted talking about ways to wear the head scarf fashionably, fashion in general, and about being a Muslim.

She also published a book called 'Modestly'.

Last year the YouTuber drew criticism from the Muslim community for calling the hijabi community a "toxic cult".

"I'm referring to the onslaught of slander and insults I've received from a community that I was very much a part of and helped build," she later added.

"All because of my personal decision to basically wear it when I want to."

The video, in its entirety can be watched here:

People in the comments section of her video were shocked by all the vitriol.

One person wrote: "I feel like giving her a hug

"Who are we to mock and judge? The people hating on her are receiving more sin than Dina actually taking off her Hijab."

Another added:

I am a Muslim and I hate what these people have said. A true Muslim never judges. Someone who wears a niqab can be a terrible person on the inside, the same way someone who doesn't wear the scarf could have done many good deeds we don't know of... So it's not upto us to judge, it's upto God. [sic]

One fan recommended Dina utilise the ‘block’ button.

I’m not even Muslim, but the people hating on her come off hypocritical, judgmental and toxic. Time to flex the block button in 2019.

"PEOPLE ARE SICK," a shocked viewer wrote.

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