Do not watch this video if you get the Monday fear

Hours worked 78: Hours slept: 35. That’s life from Monday to Saturday for Tokyo-based British financial services worker Stu, whose video diary will stop you from ever looking at granola in the same way again.

In a now-viral film, Stu catalogues just how many hours he spends in the office during the “busy season” for his company, which falls from January to March. And even watching him is exhausting.

For these three months, my life is basically like this. There are definitely people in Tokyo who do this all year round in order to support their families. I couldn't imagine having to do this if I had those kinds of responsibilities as well.

  • Stu

The term ‘salary man’ – used exclusively for males- refers to a white collar employee and according to the Telegraph is associated with a culture of over-work.

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