This man carried his dog up an escalator because it was scared and it will make your day

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It must be tough being a dog sometimes. You know, constantly being dragged about by your owner, not given a choice about where you're going or who you're going there with.

At one point, this dog had enough and quite literally put its paw down.

When its hooman tried to make it walk up an escalator in a shopping mall, it just lay on the ground and point blank refused.

We don't know why it refused exactly (we can't read dogs' minds), but it appears to have been scared of the huge moving staircase in front of it.

But this dog's owner wasn't put off. Instead of forcing his scared pooch up the escalator, he picked him up and carried him in his arms.

A video of the moment has been posted on Instagram, where it has had more than 2 million views.

We can see why the video has been such a hit. The dog looks completely comfortable and relaxed in his master's arms - almost resembling a big quadruped baby.

Many people were overjoyed by seeing the video on Twitter, and agreed that the doggy should be carried on the escalator.

Some said they too spoil their pooches in a similar way.

One made a good point that escalators are probably painful for pooch paws.

Some empathised with the pooch.

Yep, apparently doggies shouldn't take escalators because they could get injured.

Other dogs out there are more confident when it comes to escalators.

Whatever your take, there's one thing that's undeniable. Dogs are man's best friend - but sometimes, we give them a helping hand (paw!?) too.

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