Today is Bring Your Dog To Work Day, which means it's also time to weigh in on an ancient and never-ending pet debate: dogs or cats? Seriously, which is better, cuter and the most happiness inducing?

Well, according to new research dogs come out on top, as it is their owners that are apparently "happier" than those who own cats.

The General Social Survey (GSS), which is run by a social research organisation NORC at the University of Chicago, actually found that 36 per cent of dog owners reported being "very happy", compared to just 18 per cent of cat owners.

I mean, with faces like this, how can you blame them?

Of course, there are other factors that contribute to happiness as well.

For example, the survey also revealed that dog owners are more likely to be married and own homes than cat owners, both of which are two big factors that boost and contribute to happiness levels.

But to all those feline lovers, don't fret too much because another survey revealed that pet owners, in general, are more likely to be satisfied in their jobs than those that don't own pets.

They are also more likely to never feel lonely thanks to their pet.

So there we go, it's a win-win for everyone.

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